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Broader information about INCLUD-ED project you can find on project's home page


 The presentation of INCLUD-ED project 

The presentation of Includ-ed project and discussion with education experts "Inclusive Education: Trends in Latvia and the European Union" was held in Riga, at the European Union House on the 8th of the November, 2011. The proceeding of the seminar (.pdf)


 BISS researches educational practices leading to social inclusion 

In order to analyze effective educational practices, how education contributes to overcome social exclusion in different educational levels, several case studies of different educational institutions (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and vocational school) has been carried out in Latvia . In the four educational institutions interviews with teachers, students and their parents, as well as focus group discussions and several observations of learning process were organized.

       Case study: pre-primary school  (.pdf)

       Case study: primary school  (.pdf)

       Case study: secondary school  (.pdf)

       Case study: vocational school  (.pdf)


 BISS participates in international project on educational strategies that promote social cohesion

Baltic Institute of Social Sciences participates in INCLUD-ED Project which is financed by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. Together with University of Barcelona and other project partners BISS realizes research on educational strategies that promote social cohesion in Europe. The aim of the project is to analyze educational strategies and practices that contribute to overcome inequalities and promote social cohesion of ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, as well as to give recommendations to policy makers and persons involved in the education process (teachers, parents and other interest groups) on new policies that will promote social cohesion in education. INCUDED-ED is a five year project with partner institutions in 14 countries.


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