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First | 2000-2002

 7th Saeima elections campaign monitoring
Year: 2002

We publish a study on the basis of data collected by the BISS and the BMF/TNS characterizing the impact of 7th Saeima elections campaign on the popularity ratings of major political organizations. In particular, this report (.ppt) looks at how political advertising affects public support to parties. It illustrates a close relationship between the scale of advertising (measured in Gross Rating Points) and the ratings of respective parties.

 Towards a Civic Society

In the first stage of research in 1997 three focus group discussions (with citizens, non-citizens and language specialists) and the survey of Latvian inhabitants were carried out. At the second stage of research in 2000 inhabitants survey was repeated and the results were compared with the data from the first stage.

The objective of the survey was to find out the viewpoint of the population of Latvia, concerning the course of democratic processes in Latvia, integration of the society, as well as readiness to get involved in forming a civic society. In the research both citizens and non-citizens viewpoint concerning the citizenship law and the status of non-citizens, Russian and Latvian mass media auditoria’s, support of citizens and non-citizens to democratic values, social identities, political choice, political participation, values orientation, social contacts, and Latvian and Russian language functioning in Latvia is analyzed.

Data and Reports: I stage 1997/1998 | II stage 2000/2001

 The New Baltic Barometer

Since 1993 comparative survey about Baltic states "The New Baltic Barometer" (1993, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001) has done regularly. Results of the survey "The New Baltic Barometer" are available on the web:

 Newly Naturalized Citizens  
Year: 2000

The aim of the survey was to find out the motivation to become a citizen of Latvia of the inhabitants of Latvia who had gained citizenship of Latvia from 1995 to 2000 when going through the naturalization; to find out their sociodemographical characterization, political attitudes, political choice, their emotional feelings, attitude to the naturalization, attitudes and professionalism of the employees at naturalization board/branches, the quality of the exams of Latvian language and History of Latvia, amount of time and money needed for naturalization un self – evaluation of Latvian knowledge. The total sample size is 404 respondents. The direct interviews št the places of respondents’ residence were used a method of research. Time of survey: March 20 – April 10, 2001.

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