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First | 1996-1999

 Conditions of Enhancement of Civic Participation  
Year: 1999

Political participation, including involvement in non-governmental organizations, is an important precondition for the creation of a civic society, since the health and stability of a modern democracy depends not only on the justice of its “basic structure” but also on the qualities and attitudes of its citizens, for example, their sense of identity and how they view potentially competing forms of national, regional, ethnic, or religious identities; their ability to tolerate and work together with others who are different from themselves; their desire to participate in the political process in order to promote the public good and hold political authorities accountable; their willingness to show self-restraint and exercise personal responsibility in their economic demands and in personal choices which affect their health and the environment.

The aim of this study was to facilitate the formation of civic society, which is a guarantor for the stability of democracy. Report (.pdf)  

 Mastering Latvian in Schools with Russian as the Language of
Year: 1999

In the research about attitudes towards Latvian language and transition to learning in Latvian 50 schools with Russian as language of instruction all over Latvia were taken as unit of sampling. In chosen schools three surveys were carried out – with teachers, students and parents.

Data: Students; Teachers; Parents

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