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Inese Šūpule

member of the board
project director - researcher

employed since: 2000
research interests: society integration (both social integration and ethnic integration), ethnic relations, migration processes, value studies, political participation, and research methods in sociology

Academic training
2012 Univeristy of Latvia, doctoral degree in sociology (
2005 - 2011

University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Science, PhD Studies in Sociology

1997 - 1999

Master Programme of Sociology in University of Latvia, M.A. in Sociology

1993 - 1997

Bachelor Programme of Sociology in University of Latvia, B.A. in Sociology

1982 - 1993

Riga 1st Gymnasium
Additional training
16/03/2012-15/06/2012 University of Bologna (Italy), distance training "Migration, Development and Human Rights", 50 contact hours
Working experience
Since 2005 Project director, foundation "Baltic Institute of Social Sciences"
2006 - 2012 Freelance lecturer and researcher, University of Latvia, The Faculty of Social Science
2000 - 2005 Project director, non-profit LTD “Baltic Institute of Social Sciences”
1997 - 2000 Project manager, TNS/Baltic Data House
Academic Courses in University of Latvia
Course "Immigration, Integration, Identity" (International Master Degree Program MISOCO, together with B.Zepa, B.Bela, E.Kļave)

Quantitative Research Methods in Sociology (Bachelor Programme of Sociology)

Research projects (selected)
Ethnic Heterogeneity in Pre-primary Education Institutions in Latvia: Study of Linguistic Situation and Readiness for Implementation of Bilingual Education (2013)
Analysis of Administrative Requirements and Evaluation of the Work of Control Institutions in Health Services in Latvia (2012)
Surveys of Inhabitants - Evaluation of Administrative Procedures (2010-2014)
Evaluation of the Project Proposals for EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 "Leonardo da Vinci" Mobility and Innovation (2012, 2013)
Study "Impact of Riski and Protective Factors to Use of Addictive Substances Among Young People" ECAD International Project "Youth in Europe: Youth and Wealth" 4. Stage (2012)
Study "Capacity Building for Implementation of Projects Financed by the EU and Other Foreign Support in Dobele Municipality" (2012)
The doctoral dissertation "The Social Construction of Ethnic and National Identities in Interaction: The Case of Latvia" (2012)
FP6 project INCLUD-ED (Strategies for Inclusion and social Cohesion in Europe from Education) (2006-2011)
Study "Proficiency in Media Use among Students and Teachers" (2011)
Civic and Linguistic Attitudes among High School Students in Minority Schools (2010)
Sociological Analysis of Factors Facilitating and Impeding Development of Private Public Partnership in Latvia (2010)
Establishing Alternative Social Service Development Program for the Region of Vidzeme (2010)
Third Country Nationals' Integration System Development (2009)

National Holidays and Their Celebration for the Unity of Society (2007-2008)

EQUAL Project “Open Labour Market for Women”: Research Part (2005-2007)

Comparative Research on the Language Use, Knowledge and Peculiarities Of Language Environment of Inhabitants of Latvia (1996–2007)

TRAMS – Training and Mentoring of Science Shops (2005-2008)

Integration Practice and Perspectives (2006)
Accessibility of Lifelong Learning and Possibilities to Get Education inLatvia (2006)
Ethno-political Tension in Latvia : Looking for the Conflict Solution (2005)
Scientific publications (selected)
Šūpule, I. (2012) Constructions of Nation and Ethnic Identity in Online Discussions on Referenda Initiatives in Latvia. In: Baltic Journal of European Studies (BJES). Vol.2,No.1, June 2012. Journal published by Tallinn University of Technology
Zepa, B., Šūpule, I., Krastiņa, L. (2011) Integration: Practice and Perspectives. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co KG, 207.lpp. (ISBN 978-3-8443-2332-0).
Žabko O., Zepa B., Šūpule I., Vaivode L. (2010) Public and Private Partnership in Latvia: Experience and Perspectives. Rīga: Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, pp. 1-144
Šūpule, I. (2009) The Bussiness Environment: Case Study Latvia, In: Economic Styles in the Process of EU Eastern Enlargement. (ed. Heinz Rieter and Joachim Zweynert), Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgessellschaft, pp.185-218
Zepa B., Šūpule I., Ķešāne I., Lulle A., Hazans M., Žabko O., Bebriša I., Krastiņa L. (2009) Immigrants in Latvia: Possibilities and Conditions of Inclusion. Rīga: Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, pp. 1-215
Šūpule, I., Lāce, I., Ieviņa, I., Some, A. (2007) Pētnieku un sabiedrisko organizāciju sadarbība: iespējas un vajadzības (Researchers and NGO Cooperation: Opportunities and Needs). Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, lpp. 1-67.
Šūpule, I. (2007) Chapter 15: Latvia, In: European Immigration. A Sourcebook. (ed. Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas), Ashgate Publishing Ltd., pp. 199-210.

Šūpule, I. (2007) Etniskās attiecības un akulturācijas procesi Latvijā: iedzīvotāju attieksmes pret dažādām akulturācijas stratēģijām. (Ethnic Relations and Acculturation Processes in Latvia: Population Attitude towards Different Acculturation Strategies). Latvijas Universitātes raksti. Socioloģija. 714. sējums (red. Tālis Tisenkopfts), Latvijas Universitāte, 31.–43.lpp.

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I. (2006) Etnicitātes konstruēšana: politiķi un masu mediji kā nozīmīgākie aģenti. (Etnicity Construction: Politicians and Mass Media as Significant Agents).   Latvijas Universitātes raksti. Socioloģija. 701. sējums (red. Tālis Tisenkopfts), Latvijas Universitāte, 109.–119.lpp.

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I. (2006) Ethnopolitical Tensions in Latvia: Factors Facilitating and Impeding Ethnnic Accord, In: Latvian-Russian Relations: Domestic and International Dimensions (ed. Nils Muižnieks), LU Akadēmiskais apgāds.

Б. Зепа, И. Шупуле, Л. Крастиня „Латвия” // „Этническая ситуация и конфликты в государствах СНГ и Балтии. Ежегодный доклад 2005” / Под ред. В.
Zepa B., Šūpule I., Krastiņa L., Ķešāne I., Grīviņš M., Bebriša I., Ieviņa I. (2006) Integration practice and perspectives. Baltic Institute of Social Sciences. Rīga, pp.1-250
Šūpule, I. (2005) Active Civic Participation of Immigrants in Latvia  Published: 03.06.2005.
Zepa, B., Šūpule, I., Krastiņa, L. (2005) Tolerance and Future, In: Negotiating Futures – States, Societies and the World. Edited by Žanete Ozoliņa. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, p. 173-184.
Zepa, B., Šūpule, I., Kļave, E., Krastiņa, L., Krišāne, J., Tomsone, I. (2005) Ethno-political Tension in Latvia : Looking for the Conflict Solution. Baltic Institute of Social Sciences. Rīga, pp.1-72
Šūpule, I. (2004) The referendum on Latvia’s accession to the European Union: Analysis and conclusions, In: Ethnicity Studies 2004: Perceptions of European Integration . Edited by Natalija Kasatkina. Vilnius: Eugrimas, pp.59-68.

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I., Krastiņa, L., Penķe, I., Krišāne, J. (2004) Ethnic Tolerance and Integration of the Latvian Society Baltijas Sociālo Zinātņu institūts. Rīga, lpp. 1-84.

Other professional activities
Member of the Latvian Association of Sociologists (LSA)

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