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Brigita Zepa

Brigita Zepa

member of the board

employed since: 2000
research interests: policy analysis, ethno-politics, society democratization, political participation, comparative values surveys, employment issues in Latvia, social integration of society

Academic training

Latvia Academy of Science, Doctorate Council of Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Ph.D in Sociology

1982 - 1985

USSR Academy of Science, Institute of Sociology

1968 - 1973

Latvia State University, Department of History and Philosophy

Extra-curricular activities

2007 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Fulbright Scholarship)

Central European University, Summer School

1998 University of Oslo (The Nordic Council Scholarship)
1994 Gothenburg University (The Nordic Council Scholarship)
1994 University of Illinois (Sholarship of MacArthur Fund)
Work experience
Since 2004 Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Latvia
Since 2000 Chair-person of the board, foundation "Baltic Institute of Social Sciences"
1994 - 2004 Associated Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Latvia
1991 - 2000 Director of Department of Academic Research, TNS/Baltic Data House
Academic Courses in University of Latvia (selected)

Public Opinion Research Methods (Bachelor Programme of Sociology)

Political Sociology (Bachelor Programme of Sociology)

Qualitative Methods in Sociology (Bachelor Programme of Sociology and Master Programme of Sociology)

Public Policy Analysis (Master Programme of Sociology)

Discourse Analysis (Master Programme of Sociology)

Modern Research Methods in Sociology (PhD Studies in Sociology)

Research projects (selected)

INCLUD-ED (Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from education) (2006-2011)

Sociological Analysis of Factors Facilitating and Impeding Development of Private Public Partnership in Latvia (2010)
Third Country Nationals' Integration System Development (2009)
Research on Voluntary Return and Reintegration (2009)

National Holidays and Their Celebration for the Unity of Society (2007-2008)

EQUAL Project “Open Labour Market for Women”: Research Part (2005-2007)
Comparative Research on the Language Use, Knowledge and Peculiarities Of Language Environment of Inhabitants ofLatvia (1996–2007)
Youth and Inter Ethnic Schools-Actions against Inter Ethnic Violence among Pupils at Schools Daphne II (2006-2007)
Integration Practice and Perspectives (2006)
Ethno-political Tension in Latvia : Looking for the Conflict Solution (2005)
Towards a Civic Society (1997/1998, 2001)
European Values Survey (1999)

Nordic-Baltic Barometer (1999, 2001)

New Baltic Barometer (1993, 1995, 1996,. 2000, 2004)

Mass and Elite Political Attitudes (1997, 2000, 2003)
Scientific publications (selected)
Žabko O., Zepa B., Šūpule I., Vaivode L. (2010) Public un Private Partnership in Latvia: Experiece and Perspectives. Rīga: Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, pp. 1-144

Zepa B., Šūpule I., Ķešāne I., Lulle A., Hazans M., Žabko O., Bebriša I., Krastiņa L. (2009) Immigrants in Latvia: Possibilities and Conditions of Inclusion. Rīga: Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, pp.1-215

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I. (2006) Etnicitātes konstruēšana: politiķi un masu mediji kā nozīmīgākie aģenti.(Etnicity Construction: Politicians and Mass Media as Significant Agents) Latvijas Universitātes raksti. Socioloģija. 701. sējums (red. Tālis Tisenkopfts), Latvijas Universitāte, pp.109–119

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I. (2006) Ethnopolitical Tensions in Latvia: Factors Facilitating and Impeding Ethnnic Accord, In: Latvian-Russian Relations: Domestic and International Dimensions (ed. Nils Muižnieks), LU Akadēmiskais apgāds

Zepa B., Kucs A. (2006) The Case of Latvia. In: International Obligations and national Debates: Minorities around theBaltic Sea. The Aland Islands Peace Institute.

Zepa, B., Šūpule, I., Krastiņa, L. (2005) Tolerance and Future, In: Negotiating Futures – States, Societies and the World. Edited by Žanete Ozoliņa. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, p. 173-184.

Zepa B. (2005) The Changing Discourses of Minority Identities: Latvia. In: Changing and Overlapping Identities: Society of Latvia Facing the EU Enlargement. Rīga, FSS.

Zepa B. (2005) Education Reform in Latvia: Towards Integrated or Conflicting Society. In: A collection on the History and Today’s Situation of Russian-Speaking Population in Estonia and Latvia. Ed. By N.Hashimoto, K.Obata, S.Mizobata, H.Komori. Hirosima University

Smid C., Snipe A., Zepa B. (2005) Language Policy and Ethnic Conflict inQuebec and Latvia. In: Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflicts, Peace Processes: Comparative Perspectives. Ed. by E.A.Tiryakian. de Sitter Publications, Canada

Zepa B., Pisarenko O. (2004) Latvian Russians: Identity, Citizenship, Language. In:  Russian-speaking Immigrant Population in Finland. Ed. by P. Sinisalo-Katajisto. Studia Slavica Finlandensia, Helsinki. pp.79-107

Loftsson E., Choe Y., Zepa B. (2003) Trust in New Democratic Institutions. In: Political Representation and Participation in Transitional Democracies: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Sodersten University, Stockholm pp.90-100

Zepa B. (2003) Citizenship, Official Language, Bilingual Education in Latvia: Public Policy in the Last 10 Years. In: Baltic States. Looking at small Societies on Europe’s Margin. University Press Fribourg, Switzerland. pp.83-99

Other professional activities
Latvian Association of Sociologists (LSA), member of the board

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